The 10th Annual Gilder/Forbes Telecosm Conference
TELECOSM 2006: The Telecosm at Ten
October 4 - October 6, 2006
The Resort at Squaw Creek | Lake Tahoe
, California

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Kim Harrell Sears
Director of Sales,
Forbes Conferences


Emily Lord


Mary Collins
Conference Chair,
Gilder Publishing



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Telecosm 2005 Hosts;

George Gilder
Steve Forbes
President and CEO, Forbes Inc.;
Editor in Chief, Forbes magazine

George Gilder
Chairman, Gilder Publishing, LLC;
Editor in Chief, Gilder Technology Report

Steve Forbes

The Telecosm 2005 agenda will feature the following technology and investment titans:

Jay Adelson
Chief Technology Officer and Founder, Equinix

Syed Ali
President and Chief Executive Officer, Cavium Networks

Chris Anderson
Editor in Chief, Wired magazine;
Author, "The Long Tail"

Beau Beck
Vice President, Business Development, Airgo Networks

Charlie Burger
Technology Analyst, Gilder Technology Report

John Cioffi
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ASSIA Inc.; Professor of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Robert Dobkin
Chief Technology Officer, Divisional Vice President, Linear Technology Corp.

John Feland
Manager, Research, Synaptics

Vern Fotheringham
President and Chief Executive Officer, Adaptix

Eli Fruchter
President and Chief Executive Officer, EZchip

Frank Galuppo
President and Chief Executive Officer, Amedia Networks

Klein Gilhousen
Co-founder; Senior Vice President, Technology, Qualcomm

Steven Goldman
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Power-One

Dr. Scott Gottlieb

Dr. Scott Gottlieb
Deputy Commissioner, FDA;
Former Editor, Forbes/Gottlieb Biotech Investor

Thomas Hardjono
Principal Scientist; Director, VeriSign

Peter Henry
Vice President, Portable Power Systems, National Semiconductor

David Huber
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Broadwing

Arun Iyengar
Senior Director, Wireless Business Unit, Altera

Rich Karlgaard
Publisher, Forbes magazine

Andy Kessler

Andy Kessler
Author, Wall Street Meat, Running Money, and How We Got Here; former hedge fund manager

John Kish
President and Chief Executive Officer, Wyse Technology

Ray Kurzweil
Author, The Age of Spiritual Machines , and The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biolog

Thomas Lee
Founder, Matrix Semiconductor;
Founder of Stanford's Microwave Intregrated Circuits Laboratory

Doug Lockie
President and Chief Technology Officer, GigaBeam

Jeff Lorbeck
Senior Vice President; General Manager, MediaFLO, Qualcomm

Paul McWilliams
Founder and Editor, Next Inning Technology Research

Carver Mead

Carver Mead
Chairman and Founder, Foveon Corporation;
Gordon Moore Professor of Computer Science, Cal Tech

David Mock
Author, Tapping Into Wireless and
The Qualcomm Equation

Greg Papadopoulos
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Sun Microsystems

Mark Pastor
Senior Director, Strategic Marketing, Seagate

Greg Raleigh
President and Chief Executive Officer, Airgo Networks

Rick Rutkowski
Chief Executive Officer, Microvision

John Rutledge

John Rutledge
Forbes columnist; Partner, Rutledge Capital

Dave Schaeffer
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cogent

Ron Sege
President and Chief Executive Officer, Tropos Networks

Steven Sprague
President and Chief Executive Officer, Wave Systems

Bret Swanson
Executive Editor, Gilder Technology Report

David Tennenhouse
Vice President, Corporate Technology Group; Director, Research, Intel

Marco Thompson
Chief Technology Officer, Wind River Services

Nick Tredennick
Editor, Gilder Technology Report

Nick Tredennick

Terry Turpin
Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist, Essex Corporation

Fred Weber
Former Chief Technology Officer, Advanced Micro Devices

Stephen Willey
President, Consumer Solutions, Microvision

Josh Wolfe
Editor, Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report


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