The 10th Annual Gilder/Forbes Telecosm Conference
TELECOSM 2006: The Telecosm at Ten
October 4 - October 6, 2006
The Resort at Squaw Creek | Lake Tahoe
, California

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Kim Harrell Sears
Director of Sales,
Forbes Conferences


Emily Lord


Mary Collins
Conference Chair,
Gilder Publishing



Overflowing the Resort at Squaw Creek in Lake Tahoe, in
late September 2005 into hotels in the nearby ski village
at Squaw Valley, was the Telecosm of the "Singularity."

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What past Gilder/Forbes Telecosm attendees are saying ...

"The opportunity of a lifetime to meet in person and perhaps even sit down to lunch/chat with the top executives in the world that are involved in changing life as we know it ... " — Telecosm 2005 Attendee

"I think it's nearly impossible to describe the “Telecosm experience” to someone who has never attended the event. As has been the case with both Telecosms I've attended, it takes some time for the value of the experience to sink in. For me, Telecosm is an opportunity to learn about impending changes and how these changes should affect my thinking." —Paul McWilliams, Editor, Next Inning Research & a Telecosm 2005 Speaker

"For those of you who haven't had the chance to be at Telecosm, you have missed something special. I'm still aglow from Ray Kurzweil's presentation. We need big thinkers like George Gilder, Carver Mead, and Ray Kurzweil. What a treat to share in their dreams and visions!" — Telecosm 2005 Attendee

"I just returned from George Gilder's 9th Annual Telecosm conference, which featured Ray Kurzweil, author of The Singularity is Near (2005), Chris Anderson of Wired and The Long Tail, Steve Forbes of Forbes, and numerous corporate and financial types. It was a firehose of information, pumped through a two-day long pipe at jet speed." — Telecosm 2005 Attendee

"This was my second TELECOSM. I am not an engineer and certainly no tech expert. I attend to see where the industry is headed, to see coming trends, to get more details on companies I have invested in because of George Gilder and the Gilder Technology Report. Every speaker, even Steve Forbes, is accessible and approachable. The access to these industry leaders offered by the conference is unique. That I can get one-on-one time with Ray Kurzweil, David Malpass, or even George Gilder is amazing. [Gilder Editors] Charlie Burger and Bret Swanson are always available for conversation and questions." — Telecosm 2005 Attendee

"Agree to disagree. That's what a bunch of us did while hidden away in Lake Tahoe at George Gilder and Forbes' annual Telecosm conference. I keynoted on nanotech and then held court with Gilder and colleague Nick Tredennick, the brilliant Ray Kurzweil and Intel's David Tennenhouse. Rich Karlgaard kept the peace with some "mischievous" provocation." — Josh Wolfe, Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Editor

"What a gorgeous place Squaw Valley is… Just like a picture out of a book… and nice, cool weather. The resort was great… ski lift and golf course was right outside my window. Beautiful mountains with pine trees all around… Definitely worth every penny I paid to attend. My head is still swirling from all the information provided me. A stimulating experience, to say the very least. A fantastic line up of speakers and panel events " — Telecosm 2005 Attendee

"I attended the Gilder/Forbes Telecosm 2005 conference this week. This is the third time I've attended the conference in beautiful Squaw Creek, CA, and it was great to see so many faces from the past and meet many new ones. The conference is always thought provoking, full of very smart thinkers, and chock full of interesting technology industry nuggets. For me, the gathering allows me to quickly get up to speed on the latest trends in the industry, while sparking new lateral thinking about where things are headed. While the conference is not investor-centric, this annual process certainly makes me a better, more informed investor." — Telecosm 2005 Press/Media Attendee

"From the opening lecture to the last talk, we were intellectually stimulated and imbedded with George Gilder's optimism. I left relaxed and most of all, optimistic towards the future. The optimism is contagious. My wife and I will make the effort, if the logistics of child rearing permit, to attend every Telecosm. As Telecosm attendees we look through a portal to the future, thanks to George and staff, and the future looks incredibly bright!!!!!" — Telecosm 2005 Attendee

"I'm at the George Gilder/Forbes Telecosm Conference in Lake Tahoe, where last night, we heard from Chris Anderson on his “Long Tail” theory and more from Ray on the “Singularity.” They had a book signing in a pub that made you feel like you should be skiing, not discussing the latest developments in nanotechnology.

Authors who gave out their John Hancock included the following visionaries: George Gilder, The Silicon Eye , Rich Karlgaard, Life 2.0 , Andy Kessler, How We Got Here & Wall Street Meat (what a fabulous name), Ray Kurzweil, The Singularity is Near , and Dave Mick, The Qualcomm Equation .

Even the most basic room has a fireplace -- and there are views everywhere. Why don't we have more technology conferences in serene and inspirational places like this?" — Telecosm 2005 Press/Media Attendee

"Seeing old friends and meeting new ones is always a great part of Telecosm. It was no different this year. Wednesday began with a bang as Steve Forbes delivered a compelling survey of the world economy and a critique of economic policy here at home. Three years in a row now, Mr. Forbes has delivered home-run speeches full of personality and comedy—with his usual incisive analysis—China, India, Europe, Social Security, Telecom, Katrina, Money, Trade—he knows it all.

Wednesday evening, legendary physicist-inventor-entrepreneur Carver Mead offered his annual conference-closing lecture. For several hours after Telecosm IX's thrilling conclusion, Dr. Mead sat on the hearth of the massive fireplace in the Squaw Creek lobby, sipping Cabernet and extending his superconductive remarks. The crackling blaze mere feet behind Dr. Mead could not compete with his candlepower. " — Gilder Technology Report Editor, Bret Swanson

"I registered for the Telecosm conference the first moment that I learned it was available to Gilder Technology Report subscribers ... I concur with the other attendees that it was a great event. Probably the best event I have attended. There was no one I met, either presenter or attendee, that did not go out of their way to respond politely and sincerely. This went a long way in furthering my education on the issues that are discussed on the GTR forum ... " — MK

"The material presented was fantastic. Some of the greatest minds of our time. But equally as important, I took time to talk personally with as many of the CEO's and other presenters as possible. I asked them questions I had prior to the event and further explanations of the things I heard them speak about...I will be a big spokesman for Gilder publishing when the next conference comes around. " — MM

"I attended Telecosm last summer. My son who is and MIS major particularly liked Bob Metcalfe. For me it was really cool to meet Steve Forbes and John Rutledge. Steve will always have my vote for president. I had a chance to have a beer with Mr. [John] Rutledge at Bullwhackers Pub and found his economic perspective fascinating." — Gilder Subscriber

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