Ron Sege

President and Chief Executive Officer, Tropos Networks

Ron Sege is President and Chief Executive Officer of Tropos Networks and has been a frequent speaker on networking financial, market and industry trends and issues at major trade shows and conferences around the world. He has over 20 years of experience managing high-growth businesses in the networking industry, with exceptional business acumen and an exemplary track record of leading businesses through remarkable growth.

Prior to joining Tropos Networks, Mr. Sege was CEO of Ellacoya Networks, which develops intelligent bandwidth management products for broadband access providers. Before Ellacoya, he served as President of U.S. Operations for Terra Lycos. Prior to joining Lycos, he spent 10 years at 3Com Corporation, most recently as Senior Vice President of one of three business units within the $6 billion revenue company. Before joining 3Com, Mr. Sege worked for ROLM Corporation through its acquisition by Siemens.

Mr. Sege holds a bachelors degree from Pomona College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.