The 11th Annual Gilder/Forbes Telecosm Conference
TELECOSM 2007: LAN's End
October 17 - October 18, 2007
The Sagamore | Lake George, New York

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Tina Chase
Director of Sales,
Telecosm Conference


Mary Collins
Conference Chair,
Gilder Publishing



~ Telecosm 2005 To Be Announced ~

Telecosm 2004 Hosts;

George Gilder

Steve Forbes

President and CEO, Forbes Inc.;
Editor in Chief, Forbes magazine

George Gilder
Chairman, Gilder Publishing, LLC;
Editor in Chief, Gilder Technology Report

Steve Forbes

Telecosm 2004 featured over 40 keynoters, speakers, and panel participants including the following technology and investment titans:

Jay Adelson
Chief Technology Officer and Founder, Equinix

Francine Berman
Director, San Diego Supercomputer Center

Bill Blessing

Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategy Solutions, Sprint Corp.

Charlie Burger

Technology Analyst, Gilder Technology Report

Stephen Carter
Chief Executive Officer, Superior Essex

Dean Douglas
Vice President, Telecommunications Industry, IGS Americas, IBM Global Services, IBM Corp.

Glenn Edens
Vice President and Director of Sun Mi
crosystems Laboratories, Sun Micro.

Klein Gilhousen
Co-Founder, Qualcomm

David Gillespie

Fellow, Synaptics

Steven J. Goldman
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Power-One

Roxane Googin
Editor, High Tech Observer

Brian Halla

Brian Halla
Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer, National Semiconductor

Thomas Hazlett
Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute; Adjunct Professor of Business and Public Policy, Wharton School; Columnist, Financial Times

David Huber
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Broadwing

David Isenberg
Chief Operating Officer, LLC

Peggy Johnson
President, Internet Services, Qualcomm

Rich Karlgaard
Publisher, Forbes magazine

Daniel Kenyon

Global Industry Director, Communications Industry Solutions, PeopleSoft

Andy Kessler

Andy Kessler
Author, Wall Street Meat; former hedge fund manager

Laurence Kotlikoff
Chairman and Professor, Department of Economics, Boston University

David Malpass
Chief Global Economist, Bear Stearns

John Mauldin
Investment Manger; President, Millennium Wave Investments

Clint McClellan
Senior Director of Strategic Marketing, Qualcomm

Paul McWilliams
Founder and Editor, Next Inning Technology Research

Carver Mead

Carver Mead
Chairman and Founder, Foveon Corporation;
Gordon Moore Professor of Computer Science, Cal Tech

Dick Merrill
Co-founder, Foveon Corporation

Andrew Odlyzko
Internet Traffic Expert; Director, Digital Technology Center, University of Minnesota

Robert Picow
Chairman, Cenuco Inc.

Rajiv Ramaswami
Vice President and General Manager, Optical Networking Group, Cisco

Shane Robison
Chief Strategy and Technology Officer, Hewlett Packard

Rick Rutkowski
Chief Executive Officer, Microvision

John Rutledge
Forbes columnist; Partner, Rutledge Capital

Neil Salisbury
VP of Marketing and Business Development, Kailight Photonics

Ron Sege
President and Chief Executive Officer, Tropos Networks

Nick Tredennick

Ivan Seidenberg
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Verizon

Bret Swanson
Executive Editor, Gilder Technology Report

Nick Tredennick
Editor, Gilder Technology Report

John Trezza

President and Chief Technology Officer, Xanoptix

Terry Turpin
Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist, Essex Corporation

Fred Weber
Chief Technology Officer, Advanced Micro Devices

Michael Wehrs
Director of Technology and Standards, Mobile Division, Microsoft

Edward Whitacre Jr.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, SBC Communications

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