Doug Lockie
President and Chief Technology Officer, GigaBeam

Mr. Lockie is a nationally respected expert in millimeter wave technology. He has authored or co-authored 12 patents in the field of microwave and millimeter wave communications components and systems. Mr. Lockie served as an Avionics Officer in the US Air Force and was instrumental in introducing Gallium Arsenide microwave circuitry into radar (the F-15) and missile systems (AMRAAM AIM-120). Mr. Lockie has worked for Watkins-Johnson Company, co-founded Pacific Monolithics, and founded Endgate Corporation (which became Endwave Corporation). Mr. Lockie led the development of microwave and millimeter radio subsystems at 12, 15, 18, 23, 28, 38, and 60 GHz. He was a member of the FCC rulemaking committee for LMDS, has served on the FCC Spectrum Application Panel and is presently Co-Chair of the Wireless Communication Association “Above 60 GHz Spectrum Initiative”. Mr. Lockie received a BSEE from Montana State University.