Jeff Lorbeck

Senior Vice President; General Manager, MediaFLO, Qualcomm

Dr. Jeff Lorbeck serves as senior vice president and general manager for QUALCOMM’s
MediaFLO business unit and its wholly owned subsidiary, MediaFLO USA, Inc. The MediaFLO
business unit develops and licenses the MediaFLO technologies including the Media
Distribution System (MDS), a client/server product, and the high-speed, multicast, FLO air
interface. MediaFLO USA, Inc. is deploying a nationwide network in the U.S. based upon the
MDS and FLO technologies, aggregating multimedia content (both video and audio), and
offering a wholesale multimedia service to wireless operators.

Dr. Lorbeck joined QUALCOMM in 1994 as a senior engineer on the Globalstar systems team
and advanced to vice president of engineering. In 2000 Dr. Lorbeck became vice president of
business development for Globalstar, heading its consumer, data, aviation, and infrastructure
product lines. Soon thereafter, he moved into Corporate Global Business Development where
he managed support of CDMA wireless operator deployments worldwide. After returning from
a Beijing, China assignment for QUALCOMM in the spring of 2003, Dr. Lorbeck moved into the
position of vice president and general manager for QUALCOMM Technology and Ventures
(QT&V), managing both the technology research and development and venture capital arms of

Prior to joining QUALCOMM, Dr. Lorbeck served as a post-doctoral research associate at the
University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Dr. Lorbeck holds a Ph.D., a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical
engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.