Steve Forbes
President and CEO, Forbes Inc.;
Editor-in-Chief, Forbes magazine

Steve Forbes is President and Chief Executive Officer of Forbes and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes magazine. He resumed this role in February 2000 after a leave of absence to campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. Forbes assumed his position in 1990. Forbes is also Chairman of the company’s American Heritage division, publisher of American Heritage magazine and two quarterlies, American Legacy and American Heritage of Invention & Technology. Forbes has launched Forbes FYI, Forbes ASAP, Forbes Global, Forbes (Japanese edition), Forbes Brasil, the Gilder Technology Report and Forbes writes editorials for each issue of Forbes under the heading, “Fact and Comment” and is the only writer to have won the prestigious Crystal Owl Award four times. Forbes was Honorary Chairman of Americans for Hope, Growth and Opportunity and served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Empower America. He serves on numerous academic and philanthropic boards. Forbes earned his BA at Princeton University.