John Kish

President and CEO, Wyse Technology

John Kish, President and CEO, Wyse Technology, has spent nearly the past two decades inventing
technologies to solve some of the most complex "big data" problems faced by major software developers,
carriers and corporations. From designing the Ashton-Tate/Microsoft SQL Server, to pioneering the
use of Asynchronous DSL (ADSL) and the world's first "thin client," John has played a defining role in
major computer industry advances. He is widely credited with establishing Oracle on the desktop, and
as Senior Vice President of Business Development and Assistant to the President responsible for strategy
and planning, worked closely with Larry Ellison to grow Oracle from $125M to $2B. John has also
successfully led four software companies, applying his expertise in algorithm design to innovate large scale,
transactional computing processes. Most recently, he developed the industry's first "non-persistent"
applications, and John is now creating network management systems for the coming generation of
stateless/flashless communications and computing devices. He holds a Ph.D in Mathematical Logics from
The John Hopkins University, and a BA in Logics from the University of Maryland.