Gilder/Forbes Israel Test Telecosm
TELECOSM 2009: Emphasis Israel
November 10 - November 12
The Tarrytown House Estate | Tarrytown, New York

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Director of Sales



Mary Collins George
Conference Chair


Tina Chase
Accounting Director



George Gilder

Steve Forbes



Gilder/Forbes Telecosm 2008 Hosts:

Steve Forbes
President and CEO, Forbes Inc.;
Editor in Chief, Forbes magazine

George Gilder
Chairman, Gilder Publishing, LLC;
Moderator, Gilder Telecosm Forum;
Partner, Gilder Exacosm Fund

Rich Karlgaard
Publisher, Forbes magazine

Telecosm 2008 Speakers and Panelists:

Behrooz Abdi
President and Chief Executive Officer, RMI Corp.

Syed Ali
President and Chief Executive Officer, Cavium Networks

Giorgio Anania
Board Member, PhotonIC

Bami Bastani
President and Chief Executive Officer, Anadigics

Larry Boucher
Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, Alacritech

Charlie Burger
Senior Technology Analyst, Gilder Publishing, LLC

Nicholas Carr
Author of The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google (Norton 2008); former Executive Editor, Harvard Business Review

Josh Coates
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mozy (An EMC company)

Christopher Cooper
Founder, Seldon Laboratories

Alan Cummings
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Seldon Laboratories

Tom Evslin
Co-founder and former Chief Executive Officer, ITXC Corp.; Blogger, Fractals of Change

John Feland
Human Interface Architect, Synaptics

Eli Fruchter
President and Chief Executive Officer, EZchip; Chairman of the Board of LanOptics

Raanan Gewirtzman
Chief Executive Officer, BroadLight

Louisa Gilder
Author, The Age of Entanglement: When Quantum Physics Was Reborn

Eli Harry
Chairman, Provigent

Dale Jacobson
Chief Operating Officer; Senior Vice President, SemEquip

Ron Jankov
President and Chief Executive Officer, NetLogic

Johna Till Johnson
President and Senior Founding Partner, Nemertes Research

Andy Kessler
Former hedge fund manager, Author, How We Got Here, Wall Street Meat, Running Money, The End of Medicine (2006)

David Kirk
Chief Scientist, NVIDIA (Forbes' 2007 "Company of the Year")

Douglas Lockie
Founder, GigaBeam

Paul McWilliams
Editor, Next Inning Technology Research

Rajit Manohar
Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Achronix Semiconductor

Carver Mead
Internationally known author and educator; Holder of the National Medal of Technology; Founder of Foveon and over twenty-five technology companies; Professor of Computer Science, CalTech

Bob Metcalfe
General Partner, Polaris Venture Partners; Ethernet inventor; 3Com founder; Holder of the National Medal of Technology

Avi Muchnick
Co-founder, Aviary

Andrew Odlyzko
Digital Technology Center, University of Minnesota

Walt Ordway
Former Chief Technology Officer, Digital Cinema Initiatives

Lane Patterson
Chief Technologist, Equinix

J. Tom Pawlowski
Chief Technologist, Micron

Dennis Quan
Director, Tivoli UI Infrastructure, IBM

Ronald Reedy
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Peregrine Semiconductor

Spencer Reiss
Contributing Editor, Wired magazine

John Rutlegde
Chairman, Rutledge Capital; Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Chief Advisor to Governor of Beijing's Haidian District

Andrew Schmitt
Founder and General Partner, Nyquist Capital

Lawrence Solomon
Author, The Deniers

Steven Sprague
President and Chief Executive Officer, Wave Systems

Jeff Stambovsky
Telecosm Master of Ceremonies

Bret Swanson
Director, Center of Global Innovation, Progress and Freedom Foundation

Nick Tredennick
Technology Advisor; Contributing Editor, Gilder Telecosm Forum

Terry Turpin
Essex Corp.; Optical Computing Guru, Lightwave Logic

Jules Urbach
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jules World, LLC/OTOY

Lloyd Watts
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Audience

Joe Weinman
Vice President, Strategy and Emerging Services, AT&T

David Welch
Chief Strategy Officer, Founder, Infinera

Kevin Witt
Director, Disruptive Technology, Semitool

Greg Young
Chief Executive Officer, Luxtera

NOTE: Additional Telecosm 2008 speakers will be announced regularly. Check back here for updates.

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