Robert Picow

Chairman, Cenuco Inc.

Robert Picow is the Chairman of Cenuco, Inc. The company is a pioneer in software-based, wireless remote video monitoring systems. Cenuco specializes in the development and integration of next-generation wireless remote streaming video onto standard cellular phones and wireless devices. Cenuco's software is available for industry, government and individual consumer needs.

Robert Picow is a wireless industry pioneer. He founded Allied Distributors in 1982, a commercial and consumer electronics distributorship. Allied was one of the first companies focused purely on cellular telephone configuration and carrier sales, as well as other related products. Allied Communications became one of the global leaders in this field and Mr. Picow served as CEO until its 1996 merger with Brightpoint, a publicly traded communications company with current annual sales of more than $2 billion. Mr. Picow then served as President of Brightpoint USA as well as Vice Chairman, and was a Director at Brightpoint until 1997. He also served as a Director of SBA Communications for two years.