The 11th Annual Gilder/Forbes Telecosm Conference
TELECOSM 2007: LAN's End
October 16 - October 18, 2007
The Sagamore | Lake George, New York

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Tina Chase
Director of Sales,
Telecosm Conference


Mary Collins
Conference Chair,
Gilder Publishing



October 16 - October 18, 2007:
The 11th Annual Gilder/Forbes Telecosm Conference,
The Sagamore | Lake George, New York

Telecosm 2007 Theme: LAN's END
Pursuing opportunities, celebrating entrepreneurship, and seeking the upside surprises surrounding the coming end of the local area network.

Extracting the valuable information from the Wall Street noise and decoding the technology to identify the innovations and innovators on the right side of the most promising transformation in the history of the world economy.

Gilder/Forbes Telecosm Background

For a decade, the Gilder/Forbes Telecosm Conference — the world-famous technology conference hosted annua
lly by George Gilder and Steve Forbes — has been recognized as one of the most prestigious venues in the world for information on breakthrough technologies and forward-thinking companies and investment strategies. It is an exclusive gathering of engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, public policy decision makers, and the top thought leaders and business executives from the world's leading technology and communications companies.

Telecosm 2006: The Gilder/Forbes
Telecosm 10th Anniversary Spectacular!

At Gilder/Forbes Telecosm 2006: The Telecosm at 10, we celebrated the heroic and triumphant ascent of technology and the entrepreneurial singularities of the past ten years and attempted to envisage the crucial telecosmic breakthroughs and grand trajectory of thought for the next decade to come. Telecosm hosts George Gilder and Steve Forbes and their guests examined the technical, financial, social, theoretical, and economic ramifications of the human and technological evolution.

In honor of Telecosm's 10th Anniversary, George and Steve welcomed back the most memorable speakers of Telcosm's past and the technological and business leaders sure to play significant roles in the future of the Telecosm. Sponsors, speakers, and guests enjoyed three intense days of discussion, debate, and profitable networking. Mr. Gilder lead an examination of the technologies with the potential to disrupt our lives, business and management decisions, and investment portfolios, while Mr. Forbes offered a compelling survey of the world economy and a critique of U.S. economic policy and business practices. Full of personality, comedy, and unusually incisive analysis on technology, business, and entrepreneurialism, Mr. Gilder and Mr. Forbes' keynotes were highlights of the event.

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