Gilder/Forbes Israel Test Telecosm
TELECOSM 2009: Investment Israel
November 10 - November 12
The Tarrytown House Estate | Tarrytown, New York

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Susan Burger Edgar
Director of Sales


Mary Collins George
Conference Chair


Tina Chase
Accounting Director



"George, You are always the first to get it right." - Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google (Telecosm Speaker)

"The opportunity of a lifetime to meet in person and perhaps even sit down to lunch/chat with the top executives in the world that are involved in changing life as we know it ... "
- Telecosm Attendee

"Carver Mead's profound talk at the end of conference was worth the entrance fee alone. I could not have enjoyed myself more. I will be back next year. "
- Telecosm Attendee

"Unlike standard Wall St. conferences where portfolio companies are trotted in to give their 30 min pitch and allowed to retreat for limited questioning, companies that present at Gilder are subjected to the full force of criticism of the moderator, their peers, and the audience. The folks asking the questions are not analysts but industry insiders best positioned to ask pointed questions. This creates a far better environment for evaluating companies and forming and altering your opinions on industries. It was refreshing to go to a conference where everyone is not a tech drone. Where else can you see Michael Milken, Carver Mead, Steve Forbes, John Rutledge combined with senior management from leading optical component companies". - Telecosm Press/Media Attendee

"I can't wait until next year." - Telecosm 2007 Attendee

"I think it's nearly impossible to describe the "Telecosm experience" to someone who has never attended the event. For me, Telecosm is an opportunity to learn about impending changes and how these changes should affect my thinking." - Paul McWilliams, Editor, Next Inning Research & Telecosm Speaker

"Every speaker, even Steve Forbes, is accessible and approachable. That I can get one-on-one time with Ray Kurzweil, David Malpass, or even George Gilder is amazing."
- Telecosm Attendee

"The conference is always thought provoking, full of very smart thinkers, and chock full of interesting technology industry nuggets. For me, the gathering allows me to quickly get up to speed on the latest trends in the industry, while sparking new lateral thinking about where things are headed. While the conference is not investor-centric, this annual process certainly makes me a better, more informed investor." - Telecosm Press/Media Attendee

"From the opening lecture to the last talk, we were intellectually stimulated and imbedded with George Gilder's optimism. As Telecosm attendees we look through a portal to the future, thanks to George and staff, and the future looks incredibly bright!!!!!" - Telecosm Attendee

"Last night, they had a book signing in a pub. Authors who gave out their John Hancock included: George Gilder, The Silicon Eye, Rich Karlgaard, Life 2.0 , Andy Kessler, How We Got Here & Wall Street Meat, Ray Kurzweil, The Singularity is Near, and Dave Mick, The Qualcomm Equation. Why don't we have more technology conferences in serene and inspirational places like this?" - Telecosm Press/Media

"I just returned from George Gilder's Annual Telecosm conference. It was a firehose of information, pumped through a two-day long pipe at jet speed." - Telecosm Attendee

" The material presented was fantastic. Some of the greatest minds of our time. But equally as important, I took time to talk personally with as many of the CEO's and other presenters as possible. I asked them questions I had prior to the event and further explanations of the things I heard them speak about... I will be a big spokesman for Gilder when the next conference comes around." - Telecosm Attendee

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