Walt Ordway
Former Chief Technology Officer, Digital Cinema Initiatives

Walt Ordway, formerly the Chief Technology Officer at Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC ("DCI"), was responsible for the development of the digital movie specification, which provides for the standardized delivery and display of motion pictures in theaters. The result of three years of effort, the specification is the first technical agreement among the 6 major Hollywood studios in their history. This specification enables the industry to realize a billion dollars a year in savings in the $9 billion annual theatrical market.

Prior to working for DCI, he worked 30 years for Hughes Electronics in program management and business development. Some of his major activities included the development of the Hughes Digital Cinema program, which involved an end-to-end architecture utilizing a satellite delivery system. He also served as VP at DirecTV investigating system performance enhancements, and was also the Director of the Engineering Lab at DirecTV International. His years in the aerospace segment were primarily spent overseeing the development of major defense systems.

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