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Gilder Technology Report

The Gilder Technology Report is a technology strategy report and a valuable tool in the investment decision-making process.

The development of an investment strategy, particularly for technology, requires the formulation of new paradigms, or broad patterns of change, that convey the crucial signals of opportunity. To those in the grip of the old paradigm, the new one opens a cornucopia of opportunities for new or existing companies. The Report's focus is on new paradigms and those companies whose technology is pivotal. The Report is published monthly and includes a table with brief summations of ascendant technologies in the Gilder Paradigm and representative companies possessing these technologies.

Unlike other reports, which recommend stocks that may show the greatest appreciation over the short or long term investment cycle, the GTR is concerned with the emerging technologies that will shape the landscape of the world of broad bandwidth. The companies discussed in the Reports are cited for their paradigm technologies rather than for their relative fundamental valuations in the equities market.

The GTR is written by George Gilder and published (12 issues), at an annual subscription rate of $295 USD. Previous issues have covered CDMA, fiber development, computer architecture, Java and the death of television.

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