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Founded by George Gilder in 1995, Gilder Publishing, LLC, publishes the Gilder Technology Report and produces executive conferences offering elite analysis of ascending and disruptive technologies affecting the management and investment decisions of investors, executives, engineers and entrepreneurs.

The Gilder Technology Report (co-published with Forbes Inc.) is a monthly investment newsletter that seeks new breakthroughs stemming from paradigms of technological progress that are reshaping the global economy and opening the way to cornucopian gains in wealth. The GTR seeks venture equities that project orders of magnitude gains, focusing on companies and technologies that are pivotal to the new era.

On the Gilder Technology Report subscriber message board, the Telecosm Lounge, hundreds of investors, engineers, and money managers logon daily to share information and debate technology and finance. George Gilder and the GTR editors are frequent participants, answering subscriber questions as well as composing essays on technology, investing, economics, and politics.

Gilder's Friday Letter follows technology news from the Telecosmic high frontier to the nanodepths of the Microcosm, as well as the new economy, the markets, and the florid playground for all those forces, the hothouse of politics. It is mailed weekly to over 160,000 subscribers.

The Gilder/Forbes Telecosm Conference, hosted annually in Lake Tahoe by George Gilder and Steve Forbes, has been recognized as the most prestigious venue in the world for breaking information on breakthrough technologies and forward-thinking companies. TELECOSM 2006 will unite some of the greatest investment and business minds of our time to share information, debate technology and finance, dispute global issues, and unveil profitable new investment opportunities surrounding the Telecosm.

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