Arthur Robinson

Professor of Chemistry; Founder, Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine

Art Robinson is research professor and president of the Oregon Institute
of Science and Medicine and editor of the newsletter Access to Energy.
He was educated at Caltech and the University of California at San
Diego. Dr. Robinson and his colleagues have worked primarily in
fundamental protein chemistry and in the development of methods for the
quantitative measurement of human health. During the 1970s, they
originated the field that is now known as metabolomics. They have also
worked in nutrition and preventive medicine. Their research has been
carried out at UCSD, Stanford, the Linus Pauling Institute, of which Art
was president and co-founder, and the Oregon Institute. His recent book,
co-authored with his son Noah who is also a graduate of Caltech, is
entitled Molecular Clocks and discusses the role of deamidation of
peptides and proteins in living things.