Lane Patterson

Chief Technologist, Equinix

Lane Patterson is Chief Technologist for Equinix. He runs network architecture and development projects for the company, including 10GigE switching platforms supporting BGP4 peering, ROADM-based metro optical services, emerging VoIP and SIP peering, and experimental IPv6 and Multicast exchanges. Prior to joining Equinix, Mr. Patterson was Director of IP Network Management Systems for GlobalCrossing, Inc., where he contributed to tools development, event reporting, traffic measurement, and trending for a large-scale IP backbone and content distribution centers. During 1995-6, he served as a Data Communications Consultant at MFS WorldCom, where he managed installations and operation of the MAE-East exchange point and related Frame Relay and ATM services during an explosive growth stage. Mr. Patterson received a B.A. in Physics from Cornell University and an M.S. in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.