The 9th Annual Gilder / Forbes Telecosm Conference

TELECOSM 2005: The Singularity Is Here
Hosted by George Gilder & Steve Forbes
September 26 – September 28  I  The Resort at Squaw Creek, Lake Tahoe


Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief, Wired magazine
Jay Adelson,
Founder & CTO, Equinix
John Cioffi, Prof. of Engineering, Stanford

Steve Forbes, Editor in Chief, Forbes magazine
Scott Gottlieb,
Editor, Forbes/Gottlieb Biotech Report
George Gilder, Editor, Gilder Technology Report
Steve Goldman, Chairman & CEO, Power-One
David Huber,
Chairman & CEO, Broadwing
Arun Iyengar, Senior Director, Altera
Rich Karlgaard,
Publisher, Forbes; Author, Life 2.0
Andy Kessler, Author, How We Got Here
Ray Kurzweil, Author, The Singularity is Near

Tom Lee, Founder, Stanford Microwave IC Laboratory
Paul McWilliams,
Editor, Next Inning Technology Research
Carver Mead, Founder, Foveon; Comp. Science, CalTech
Dave Mock, Author, The Qualcomm Equation
Greg Papadopoulos, CTO, Sun Microsystems
Rick Rutkowski, CEO, Microvision
John Rutledge,
; Partner, Rutledge Capital
David Tennenhouse, Director of Research, Intel Corp.
Nick Tredennick, Editor, Gilder Technology Report
Terry Turpin,
Chief Scientist, Essex Corp.
Fred Weber, CTO, Advanced Micro Devices
Josh Wolfe, Editor, Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report
AND MORE … (View the Complete Agenda)

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latest must-read, How We Got Here.

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